We chose Natalie Coebecause we could tell from the first meeting she was doggedly tenacious and loved working in real estate the way we love a good cheesecake. She never let us down, but the real surprise was discovering that she didn’t work alone! Behind her, she had a supporting  team (fronted by the joyously effervescent Caleb Branham…and if you think that description of him is too “purple prose”, you haven’t met him!) just as committed to selling our starter home and simultaneously helping us close on an upgrade nearly twice as large! They even finagled it so that our starter home sold in 15 days for $2,500 MORE than we originally listed it, while our new home was locked in for about $4,000 LESS than it was listed! The team at 918 Homes is a class act–professional, yet as warm as a lifelong friend. Vigilant, yet calming and reassuring. They set the high bar for working with realtors–consider us very satisfied and appreciative clients! If you choose Natalie as your realtor, I have one piece of advice: do everything she recommends! She knows her craft! You’ll be in great hands!

— T. Brashear , Client