Curious what our local real estate market is doing? Purchase prices are up to $205,937 YTD AVG, Days on Market are down 13.39% and our active listing inventory for July 2020 when compared to July 2019 is down -41.09%! With low interest rates keeping buyers in the market now is a great time for sellers to sell and buyers to buy real estate in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area!


If you own a home and have ever considered selling….NOW IS THE TIME! Our local inventory of homes available to buyers is down over 15% annually so far and down over 41% from this time last year!!!! This means buyers don’t have many options which is causing faster sales and higher sales prices. Buyer’s are still in the market because we are also seeing historically LOW INTEREST RATES! This market really is a WIN WIN for everyone. Take advantage of it today!

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