by Natalie Coe 

HOA communities are groups of homes governed by a set of agreed upon rules and regulations for their specific neighborhood common areas and individual properties. HOA boards are typically comprised of neighbors who dedicate their time and energy to providing upkeep, mediation, entertainment and regulation for specific communities. Below are a few good reasons that HOA community living is on the rise.

1. Property Values

Covenants and restrictions enforced by HOA boards help to ensure that property values are maintained. Higher property values = happy sellers!

2. Community Events

Many HOA communities have multiple annual events. Events may include a neighborhood garage sale, summer cook out, block parties, festivals etc. This is a great way to get to know your neighbors and it really helps make borrowing that cup of sugar a more friendly encounter.

3.Recreational Amenities

Parks, pools, splash pads, etc are all added benefits that HOA communities may include. The HOA is in charge of upkeep and maintenance for these areas. That means you get to enjoy them without the headache of keeping them up!!!

4. Common Area Upkeep

I used to tell my family that there are not actually little elves that swarm the house at night and clean in the wee hours before we wake. LOL. Similarly, your HOA (unless you happen to live at the North Pole) is most likely not made up of elves but of busy people just like you who volunteer their time and energy to keep the common areas looking pristine and enjoyable in your neighborhood.

5. Nosy Neighbor Relief

Remember that time that your neighbor’s grass was nearly to your thigh but you did not want to be “that” neighbor and go knocking on their door??? Well, HOA boards take care of these types of issues on behalf of the homeowners. AKA they get to be the bad guys instead of you!

6. It Takes A Village

I am sure you have heard the saying “it takes a village”. Well it does! When everyone works together towards a goal or community culture things just plain function better!

7. Have A Say So

Get involved! Go to your annual meetings and volunteer to help throughout the year. HOA boards in most cases are voted in to place for an annual term. This means in addition to volunteering to help that just like in our government you have the ability to make a difference by voting and/or serving on the board for your community.

8. Happy Homeowners

Homeowners living in a community with an active HOA board can rest easy knowing they have a group of people caring for their community as a whole.


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